Unique reasons for visiting the Eusebius Church:

  • The Eusebius Church is an architectural masterpiece
    The Eusebius Church is a National Monument, world-wide known as wonderful late Gothic example. The abundance of sculpture, both inside and outside, is unique.
    Read more about architecture.
  • The impressive Eusebius Church reflects the historical importance of the city of Arnhem.
    The most important principal of the Eusebius Church was Charles van Egmond, Duke of Gelre and count of Zutphen (1467-1538). Both his tomb and his military equipment can be found in the church.
  • The church building reminds of a turbulent period during the Second World War
    The reconstructed, rehabilitated Eusebius Church was a powerful symbol of a new start in the future. The church building reminds of this turbulent period.
  • Musical church with impressive Strumphler organ and large carillon.
    If you enter the church, you will pass the large organ above you. The current Strumphler organ (built in 1795) originally comes from a church in Amsterdam and replaced the organ which was destructed during the war. The carillon, consisting of 54 bells, has a total weight of 40.000 kg. According to experts, this carillon is extremely unique. Listen and read more about the Strumphler organ.

  • The house of two religions.
    The original Catholic church was taken over by the Protestants in 1579. They removed holy figures and altars from the church. Murals were hidden beneath a layer of white plaster. Both Catholicism and Protestantism left tracks in the Big- or Eusebius Church.
  • The Panoramic Elevator  
    The panoramic elevator takes every visitor past one of Europe’s largest and heaviest carillons up to 73 meters high, where you can enjoy a panoramic view over Arnhem and its surroundings. A spiral staircase leads the visitors to an even higher viewing point at 76 metres.
  • The glass balconies
    The lift makes a stopover at 63 metres so visitors can stand on the glass balconies to view the exterior of the restored tower. The famous Disney gargoyles, added after the Second World War, can be seen from the balconies, along with characters more familiar to a Dutch public like Ollie B. Bommel and Tom Poes (a Tom-Thumb figure).
  • Exhibitions
    The various exhibitions on amongst others the history of the Eusebius church.

Hoogtepunten Eusebius