Anna Chapel and Raads Chapel


There are two chapels, the Anna chapel and the Raads chapel. Both chapels can be visited free of charge (except when events are organized in the chapel). The chapels tell the history of the Eusebius.

Anna Chapel
The Anna Chapel at the North Portal exhibits statues featuring “The Eusebius Church throughout the centuries”. Visitors will learn how the Eusebius changed, for example the elevation of the tower. The last picture dates from 1930, take from the market. In the Raads chapel the story continues with “Fall and rise in the 20st century”.

The Anna Chapel has a stained-glass window, which dates from the “Small Eusebius Church” which was demolished in 1990. This memorial window is a so-called apostle window, dedicated to Simon de Zeloot, featuring the theme: Escape from force of arms and destruction, based on Matthew 24. vs. 2 ‘ There shall not be left here one stone upon another, which also applies to the city of Arnhem, which was severely hit in 1944.
Private initiative, supported by the Monument Committee, managed to save the monumental glazing of the Small Eusebius. The window was disassembled and stored. A new committee was ordered to place the window in the St. Walburgis or Big or Eusebius Church. Stained-glass artist Bas Beckers adapted its shape and placed it in the Anna Chapel of the Eusebius Church.

Raads Chapel
The Raads Chapel, at the South Portal of the Eusebius, represents what happened to this church during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

The photo exhibition “Fall and Rise in the 20st century” explains how both interior and exterior of the church changed after its destruction during the Battle of Arnhem. The exhibition shows the collapse of the church due to shell bursts which largely destroyed its historical interior. During the reconstruction the church was restored to its original state and rebuilt, yet at the same time renewed. A competition was held for a new design for the upper part of the tower. The competition was won by sculptor Henk Vreeling who created Walt Disney statutes.

The Church is new and reflects the old one, according to superintendent Adrie Schellevis.

If you look up in the Raads Chapel you will notice a wonderful monument, consisting of 19 bronze parachutists which has been mounted to the ceiling by means of an iron wire. The monument commemorates the British parachutists who vainly attempted to force a passage through the line of defence of the occupier during Operation Market Garden in September 1944.

Now and then, the Eusebius Church receives gifts/donations. The triptych in the Raads Chapel is an example of such a gift. The triptych was painted in 1960 by Theo van der Horst (1921-2003) and is called ‘De Vertwijfeling’ (=The Despiration). This triptych reflects his impressions of the Battle of Arnhem.