Kerkplein 1
6811 EB Arnhem

Thanks to its central location, the Eusebius Church in Arnhem is easily accessible both by car and public transport.

The Eusebius Church is situated in the city centre of Arnhem, easily accessible by simply following the signs “centre”. The city centre of Arnhem is characterized by one-way-traffic. Arnhem offers various parking garages and parking lots. Parking fees are charged in the entire city centre, until 11.00 pm.
Parking garages Rozet and Broerenstraat are situated within walking distance of the Eusebius Church.

Public Transport
The Eusebius Church is situated within walking distance (1200 mtr) of the Central Station. Various buses stop near the church. Frequently used bus stops are: Eusebiuskerk (lijn 12 en 43), Broerenstraat (line 12 and 43) and Schouwburg (line 2,5 2, 5, 6, 14, 33, 60, 62,  300). It’s only a few-minutes’ walk to the Eusebius Church.