Panorama Lift and Glass Balconies

The glass panorama lift in the church tower reaches a height of 73 metres, providing visitors with a sweeping view of the city, river and forests. An even higher point can be reached via a winding staircase.

The lift makes a stopover at 63 metres so visitors can stand on the glass balconies (opening at the 15th of March) to view the exterior of the restored tower. The famous Disney gargoyles, added after the Second World War, can be seen from the balconies, along with characters more familiar to a Dutch public like Ollie B. Bommel and Tom Poes (a Tom-Thumb figure). The gargoyles include G.C. Foeken, a clergyman fiercely opposed to these playful sculptures. During their stopover, visitors can also admire the imposing carillon, one of the largest in Europe.

The lift can be accessed by wheelchair-users. Unfortunately, the glass balconies and crypt cannot be accessed by wheelchair.

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