Technical data

Max. number of visitors:
–          1100 visitors with chair
–          1100 visitors without chair

Dimensions of the Church Hall:
–          64 x 26 metre = 1792 m2 floor area

A detailed AutoCAD drawing is available, check this link: Dimensions Church Hall Eusebius

Church Hall height:
–          Max. (working) height is 8 meters.
–          A tower waggon is available (height: 9 mtr)

Floor load capacity: 
–          Max. 400 kg/m2.

Power supply: 
–          Church Hall: 3 x 63 A
–          A diesel generator is only allowed outside
–          There are power connections throughout the entire Church Hall

–          Excellent heating system through gas heaters.

Load- and unload facilities: 
–          Entrance through North Portal; height 1.97 m and width 1.13 m
–          Entrance through South Portal; height 2.10 m and width 1.55 m (staircase with three steps).


Chairs:                                 500 stackable chairs

Stage:                                   Elements, 2 x 1 mtr. Max. 100m2 available.

Separation:                          Dark blue velvet curtains allow you to create any desired size. Height: 3 mtr.

Bars:                                      Bar (6 mtr) on either side of the Church Hall. Modern plastic                                                   tables and chairs are available.

Kitchen:                                 A functional kitchen is available.

Spots:                                    Pillar spots (14) to illuminate the pillars.

Sound system:                    The Church Hall offers a perfect sound system inclusive of 2                                                wireless headsets and 2 microphones. Mobile stereo set                                                      inclusive of 1 wireless microphone is available, with SD-card,                                                USB and Bluetooth. In the Eusebius Hall a stereo set is                                                         available inclusive of CD player and microphone. Enquire                                                     about the rental prices.

Beamer:                                 Beamer + screen are available

Toilets:                                   The Church Hall offers ladies’ and men’s toilets and a                                                             disabled toilet. At the North portal you will find 2 disabled                                                       toilets as well.

AED:                                       AED-alert is available in the church.

Accessibility:                       The entire church is wheelchair-accessible

Printed version: Technical and general data Eusebius Church