The Big or Eusebius Church has dominated the skyline of the city of Arnhem for over five centuries now. Arnhem wouldn’t be complete without this wonderful, richly decorated building. Its 96 mtr high tower has risen high above the surrounding buildings since the late Middle Ages. For this reason, the Church is a beautiful location for funeral ceremonies.

Church Hall
In the beautiful Church Hall, you can say goodbye to your beloved one. The bright Church Hall breathes history and can be equipped according to your wishes. Although it’s a large room, intimacy can be created. It’s suitable for both smaller and large groups.
The pulpit in the middle of the Church Hall will be at your disposal. Perhaps you prefer to use the chancel, accessible through three steps, allowing a higher position, yet close to your guests.

The beautiful Strumphler organ with more than three thousand pipes, which dates from 1769, will be at your disposal. In the back of the Church Hall (at the chancel) you will find a smaller organ, which can be used as well.

Image, light, sound
The Church Hall offers an excellent sound system. Microphone or headsets are available, just like a CD-player. A PC or laptop can’t be connected to the sound system. Would you like to show a photo presentation or film during the funeral? Our partner can arrange film- and visual material for you, taking natural light and special acoustics into account. If desired, we can ring the bells at arrival and/or departure.

At the end of the funeral ceremony, you can reminisce. The North portal offers a wonderful, wooden bar. We will serve coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine or beer and snacks, if desired.


The Church has 500 luxurious chairs, wonderful wooden tables, 20 wooden chairs and a wooden lectern. Pillars can be illuminated, according to your wishes. Our technical service will be at your disposal, both before and during the funeral ceremony.

The Church Hall can be furnished according to your wishes. We will be more than willing to discuss your ideas. You can count on our expertise and technical support.

An increasing number of people need time and space for a proper goodbye to their beloved one. We will give you all the time you need, even if it takes longer than expected, so you will have the funeral ceremony you planned for.

Rates depend on day and length of the funeral service. We will make you a suitable offer, in close consultation with you and/or the funeral attendant.

Things to know
If our schedule permits, we will be open for funeral ceremonies at night or during the weekend as well.

The entire building is wheelchair accessible. There are disabled toilets.

Our flexible and helpful team will do its utmost to guarantee a smooth funeral ceremony.

Accessibility & Parking
The Eusebius Church is situated in the town centre and is surrounded by two parking garages in the direct vicinity and a parking lot on the opposite side, next to the Marktplein (=Market Square). A limited number of cars can be parked for a fee.
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For more information you can call +31-(0)26-4435068 or send an E-Mail to

The Eusebius Church in your last will
Would you like to continue to contribute to the perseverance of the Eusebius Church in Arnhem? You can include the Eusebius Arnhem Foundation in your will.
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