Panorama lift & Glass Balconies

The glass panorama lift takes visitors to the highest point of Arnhem (73 meters!) from where they can admire the spectacular view. The glass balconies – completely made of glass! – are on the east and west sides of the tower at a height of 60 meters and offer a phenomenal view of the city of Arnhem, the Rhine, the Betuwe, the Veluwezoom, the Achterhoek, and of course Nijmegen.

Glass balconies – do you dare to walk on them?

The glass balconies – completely made of glass! – are on the east and west sides of the tower. Constructed at a height of 60 meters, they offer a phenomenal and unobstructed view of Arnhem and the surrounding area. It is the selfie place par excellence. Each balcony weighs around 2,500 kilograms and is attached to the tower by a variety of methods including steel cables. The glass plate that forms the bottom can easily carry up to six people at a time.

Gargoyles and Disney figures

If you turn around on the glass balconies to have a look at the tower, you can see various sculptures of famous Walt Disney and Maarten Toonder cartoon characters up close. These sculptures of characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Tom Poes (Tom Puss) and Ollie B. Bommel (Oliver B. Bumble) were made during the restoration in 1962 by sculptor Henk Vreeling. As a joke, Vreeling cast the priest at the time, G.C. Foeken, as one of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White on the west side of the tower. At the time, this priest was one of the people who did not find it appropriate to adorn the age-old Eusebius Church with cartoon characters.

Spectacular Panorama lift

The Eusebius Church is the only church building in Europe with a lift in the tower! Thanks to the glass wall, the lift offers an increasingly wider view of Arnhem, the Rhine, the Betuwe and the Veluwezoom. At the same time, the lift offers a view of the inside of the tower. This enables the bells of the impressive carillon in the tower to be admired up close. Prince Willem Alexander and HRH Prince Charles from the United Kingdom officially opened the Panorama lift during the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem in September 1994.