Eusebius Arnhem Foundation

The Eusebius Arnhem Foundation is responsible for preservation and exploitation of the Big or Eusebius Church in Arnhem.

The administration of the Eusebius Arnhem Foundation consists of:

  • Peter Ruigrok, Chairman
  • Frans Lomans, secretary, vice-chairman
  • Wim Hoksbergen, treasurer
  • Klara van den Berg – Veenhuizen, member of the Board (o.a. fund raising)
  • Jaap Clifford, (member of the Board on behalf of the Protestant Municipality Arnhem, a.o. fund raising)
  • Peter Berns, member of the Board about museality
  • Gert Roelofsen, Member of the Board for PGA
  • José Jochemsen- Vernooij, member of the Board
  • Willem Vierdag, member of the Board

The Management (Exploitation) of the Eusebius Arnhem Foundation consists of:


Employees of the Eusebius Arnhem Foundation are:
A small, professional staff is responsible for maintenance and church activities, supported by a great number of volunteers. We are always looking for new volunteers! For vacancies, please send an E-mail to:

The office of the Eusebius Arnhem Foundation supplies information with regard to church activities, voluntary work etc.

Stichting Eusebius Arnhem
Kerkplein 1
6811 EB Arnhem
tel.  026-4435068
fax. 026-4431334